Reservation Cancellation or Modification:

Reservations for places must be cancelled within 72 hours. In addition, different accommodations have different cancellation policies. While services have a minimum cancellation time of five days.

Some reservations are not subject to modification or cancellation, and some accommodations/services may demand a fee for cancelling the reservation, but others provide a complete refund. Please keep in mind that some reservations for specific rates or special offers are not changeable or cancellable. Some properties may charge extra fees for early or late departure.

The property's reservation modification or cancellation policy is published on the property's website information page, under "booking conditions," "cancellation policy," or similar headings, as well as in the booking confirmation email and reservation receipt. Before completing the reservation, we recommend that you check and read the property's cancellation and no-show policy.

Regardless of the accommodation/service reservation policy, hyyak reserves the right to charge certain fees for modifying or cancelling the reservation, as stated on the website. Before confirming a reservation, please check the terms and conditions of the property/experience.

If you want to view, modify, or cancel your reservation, please refer to the booking confirmation email and follow the instructions, or contact hyyak support team.

In the event that the customer is missing several times and reservations are regularly cancelled, hyyak management has the right to restrict or cancel his membership in the future.